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This is the first time I'm using Citadel waterbase color, and also it is the first experiment that using a color without any mechanical equipment like spray or airbrush, fully hand brush.(Excited) The idea came when my friends mail (Izumeru) and putra (Putaro) starting use the citadel color to their gunpla, and that attract me when the effects of the color just like amazing and easy to use. The kit that i'm use is HG Helmwige Reincar from iron blooded orphans gundam series. That time when I just bought the reincar, I'm thinking just to color the reincar with the color that already has in that model kit, but when suddenly the color looks dull, then I'm change it to red gold rather than blue gold. The process just took one hole day (if not conclude with assemble process) , because the color easy to dry and do not touch the parts if you just apply the color, give it time for a minute or few seconds to dry. I can't remember what the color that I use because it too many.., the application of color take at least two layer or more, start with the base, layer, Dry.. And the finishing.. (I'm forgot). Please enjoy and take a look of the first citadel artwork from Shizuren Modkit!